Technical Assistance Services, Integrated Solutions, Consulting Services, and Training

We work with you to know your needs, create value, mitigate risk, and optimize your capabilities along your organization and processes.

SPT Teamwork is the key of every interaction with our clients. It influences the way we communicate and operate to improve your business.

Our approach permits successful implementation of our deliveries on your Project or Study and produces the measurable results you want. You have access to our entire team at all times to respond to your requirements. 

SPT Teamwork and experience is designed to help clients achieve better, faster and more sustainable results. Through seamless access to our network of world-leading technology partners and our collaboration-focused methods and tools, you goals are realized.

Analyzing each stage of your organization, we work to incorporate the latest technology for differentiation of your company from others and to create a competitive advantage over your peers or competitors, all with rational goals of reducing costs while at the same time increasing benefits and productivity.

We are a “Smart User of Technology.” SPT Advisor reputation is built on the recognition of leadership and expertise in the latest technologies which we can apply timely in your organization

  • Technical Assistance Services: Making our consultants’ skills available to our clients by integrating them into client projects.

  • Integrated Solutions: Overall engineering services aimed at providing a comprehensive and made-to-measure response to the specific needs expressed by our clients.

  • Consulting Services: Rely on the experience of our group’s senior associates and consultants to establish diagnostics, draw up recommendations and support deployment with emphasis on transferring expertise.

  • Training: Assessment of needs, preparation and distribution of tailor made training programs.